Bauer RVR Fly Reel


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Bauer has been in development on the RVR reels for more than two years. They started with a groundbreaking and beautifully modern design and quickly found out how challenging it is to machine a reel this complex. No one had ever seen anything like it. The complexity and double anodized design of the RVR would prove too difficult to achieve on a conventional 3-Axis machine, so we sought out the newest 5-Axis machines available. 


RVR 4/5 - Diameter: 3.54 in, Weight: 4.9 oz, WF5 (75 yds, 20#)

RVR 6/7 - Diameter: 3.94 in, Weight: 5.5 oz, WF7 (100 yds, 20#)