Ashland Fly Shop | Upgrade Program


Let us help you turn your used rod or reel into a new item on your wish list! 
Do you have any rods or reels that haven't gotten much river time lately? We all do and that's why we started our upgrade program through our website and eBay, so that you can turn your used gear into store credit with the Ashland Fly Shop.* 



  • Print out our Upgrade Release Form and fill it out.
  • If you live in the Rogue Valley, just attach the sheet to your rod or reel and bring it by the shop. If you are not living that close by, just ship your items to us with the sheet attached. If you have any questions about the items you'd like to upgrade, give us a call or email and we'd be happy to offer any advice we have gained through our years of running this program.

Please ship item(s) to: The Ashland Fly Shop 399 E. Main Street Ashland, OR 97520

We'll take care of the rest. Which means we provide a very professional listing for your item, including high quality product images and a short write up on the condition of the item. And we take the time to thoroughly research any items we aren't as familiar with. All of this leads to you receiving the maximum value for your gear! As far as costs are concerned, it is the exact same as if you were listing the item yourself!

We do not take a fee or deposit for the items; we simply let eBay and PayPal take their share and we give the rest to you in the form of store credit.For items sold on our website, there is a 5% processing fee in addition to shipping charges. Once an item of your sells, we will notify you promptly with the amount of store credit you'll be receiving, and the rod of your dreams becomes that much more attainable!

*We'd like to mention that we strongly prefer selling factory rods and reels exclusively, custom or off brand rods/reels will only be accepted sparingly. Also, older waders and boots simply do not hold their value the way rods and reels do over time. If we feel your item may be better suited to sell in our Annual Gear Swap, we will contact you before moving forward.

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