Tim's Beetle Green

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​"This fly was designed for the high alpine lakes Colorado has to offer. We are so lucky to live in this state which in my mind has some of the best high lake cutthroat fishing around.

It’s been fun exploring these lakes and also sitting at the vise to come up with this little guy. This beetle is extremely effective for several reasons and brings innovation for a terrestrial dry.

The fly is tied with a single piece of loco foam to form both the shiny belly and back of the fly using a thread technique to capture the iridescence top and bottom. It is then followed up with a durable pair of flexi-floss legs and a highly visible CDC wing.

You can throw this bad boy in the heaviest of riffles and see it no problem. There is also no dubbing in the fly for water to absorb, which makes this pattern float high all day with little dressing.

Besides the high lakes I’ve been testing and fishing this pattern over the past few years on my favorite rivers and larger still waters. Give one a toss and watch what comes up to eat it!"

​- Signature Tyer Tim Drummond