The Hobbit Fly

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If you know the story of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, you know that the real adventure began when Smeagol and Deagol went fishing, and...caught a ring. 

We challenged Keith Liddy to imagine, and then tie a fly that those Hobbits might have used on that fated day on the Great River in the original Tolkein novel. Keith took the task seriously, and only used materials that a Hobbit might have (nothing synthetic), and proceeded to tie his first versions by hand-- without a vice! "Like a Hobbit would." 

The fly he designed is simple, beautiful, effective--and maybe a little bit magic. 

 Keith tested it on the river, and on his first cast, hooked a Steelhead and (he swears this is true) his ring slipped off into the river! He fought the fish while simultaneously trying to retrieve his ring. Somehow, he landed the fish, and got his ring back. What the heck? Hobbit fly magic. 

 What will you catch?



Each Hobbit Fly is hand tied by Keith Liddy, in beautiful Ashland, Oregon. Hobbit Fly comes packaged in gift box. 

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