Steelhead Dry Fly Selection

Nothing in the angling world compares to an anadromous fish crushing a dry fly skated on the surface. Whether a 15lb hen on the Bulkley or a half pounder on the Middle Klamath the stoke is real! This selection comprises our top picks for surface oriented flies for Summer Steelhead. 

Selection Includes:

Ska Opper Natural X 2 Size 2

Klamath Skaters Natural x 2 Size 5

Klamath Skaters x 2 Black Size 5

Pom Skaters NightShade x 2 Size 6

Klickitat Muddler x 2 Size 6

1 AFS Logo Fly Box


If we do not have the flies in stock to fill your selection, we will make the appropriate substitutions.