Steelhead Fly Tying Art & Design

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Steelhead Fly Tying Art and Design is a fly tying instructional manuscript. Twenty-Five full step by step sequences with photos and instructions for every step of the fly tying process. Co-authored by two well know steelhead fly fishing professionals, Dec Hogan and Marty Howard. The focus of the book is to teach fly tiers of any skill level how to tie steelhead flies. Starting with basic styles of flies then progresses into the most advanced techniques of fishing flies. The book is filled with the highest quality photography of both fly tying and steelhead fly fishing. 300 plus pages of pure steelhead joy.

I would venture it's safe to say that most every steelhead fly tier learned to tie steelhead flies by tying a standard wet fly first. The same could go for the style of fly that many people caught their first steelhead on. I would also be comfortable saying that everyone who has ever ties steelhead wets has experimented in modifications and variations to deem the fly their own pattern. - Dec Hogan

As you spend more time tying you will begin to realize the pursuit of steelhead starts at the vise - Marty Howard

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