Scientific Angler's Spey Lite Integrated Skagit Line


Introducing our Spey Lite collection, and the Integrated SkagitξSpey line. Designed for light double-handed duty and with a short, powerful head, the SkagitξLiteξis ideal for smaller streams and trout Spey applications. Available in grain weights from 150-360, this two-colored line features a textured, black marker at the end of the head that serves as a visible, and audible, notification on where to begin your cast. Works perfectly with our SONAR Sinking Leaders and textured TC Tips. From dredging forξsteelhead to swinging streamers for trout, the SkagitξLite is Spey on a smaller scale.

  • Ultra-short head for turning over heavy tips with light two-handed rods
  • Tip recommendations:
  • 150-210 grains äóñ SONAR leaders
  • 240-300 grains äóñ 8äó» TC Tips
  • 330-360 grains äóñ 8äó» or 10äó» TC Tips
  • Lines can be used with single-handed rods as well
  • SA SKAGIT LITE XXX GR F (X = line weight)
150 GRAIN 11äó» / 3,4m 100äó» / 30,5m 150gr / 9,8g
180 GRAIN 11äó» / 3,4m 100äó» / 30,5m 180gr / 11,7g
210 GRAIN 12äó» / 3,7m 100äó» / 30,5m 210gr / 13,6g
240 GRAIN 13äó» / 4,0m 100äó» / 30,5m 240gr / 15,6g
270 GRAIN 14äó» / 4,3m 100äó» / 30,5m 270gr / 17,5g
300 GRAIN 15.5äó» / 4,7m 100äó» / 30,5m 300gr / 19,4g
330 GRAIN 17äó» / 5,2m 100äó» / 30,5m 330gr / 21,4g
360 GRAIN 18äó» / 5,5m 100äó» / 30,5m 360gr / 23,3g
390 GRAIN 19.5äó» / 5,9m 100äó» / 30,5m 390gr / 25,2g
420 GRAIN 21äó» / 6,4m 100äó» / 30,5m 420gr / 27,2g
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