Rogue Dry Flies Tying Class - Full Materials Kit

This pre made kit will include everything you need to tie along and produce 2 each of the the 3 Flies presented in the March 9th Class with Keith. *Please note these are not full retail packs of materials but just enough of what you need of each material listed to produce the flies during the class. If you purchase the kit online it will be held at the shop for you until the day of the class unless otherwise specified. 
  • Veevus Gel Spun Thread - 50D, Black
  • TMC 200R Hook sz 6 
  • TMC 100 Hook sz 12
  • TMC 100 Hook sz 16 
  • Thin Fly Foam - ORANGE
  • Dyed Deer Body - DRK BROWN 
  • Poly Yarn - ORANGE, WHITE
  • Dry Fly Hackle - GRZ, DUN 
  • Mayfly Tails - BLACK, OLIVE
  • Turkey Biot Quill - BROWN
  • Superfine Dry Dubbing - MOHAGANY, BWO
  • UNI 8/0 Waxed Thread - OLV