RIO Scandi Body Shooting Head

Line Weight

The Scandi Body has been one of our favorite heads here at the shop for many years now. The main reason for this is because of its incredible versatility. The 23 foot head performs well when fished in both skagit and scandi situtations, depending on the grain weight you select for your rod. If you select a lighter head, closer to the Scandi window for your rod, this head will cast standard tapered leaders, polyleaders and 12.5'-15' sink tips with ease. If you want to get a little more power out of the rod, choose a heavier grain weight in the skagit window of your rod and you'll be able through your MOW tips with ease.

One important note about this head has to do with fly size. Because the rear taper is not as bulky as a standard skagit head, it simply will not turn over your larger, heavier intruders. But as long as you keep the fly size moderate, you'll find this head to be a staple in the quiver. And don't let the length fool you - these heads cast just as well on Trout Speys as they do only longer spey rods. I regularly fish a 400gr Scandi Body on my 13' 6wt and it performs beautifully.

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