OPST Commando Floating Tips


OPST Floating Commando Tips are effective, easy-casting tips that are great for trout or bass fishing. They are so much fun to fish with as well!

For years, the word "skagit" has been affiliated with heavy flies and big sink rates. Nowadays the skagit world has evolved to also accommodate short, light rods and floating lines.

OPST has knocked it out of the park again with their new Floating Commando Tips. These tips are phenomenal for trout and bass fishing with lighter weight rods. You can use them to fish streamers in shallow water, or soft hackles and dries for trout. Additionally, using these heads with poppers for bass is incredibly fun and effective. Available in 4 different lengths for longer or shorter rods, you can fish these heads on a variety of fly rods. Use the smaller tips on shorter rods, and longer tips on longer rods. Each head is tapered and features 25 lb. test which is quite strong in comparison with other tapered heads on the market. Check out this video to see what you can do with these awesome Commando Floating Tips!