Flutter Bug


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This fly will twist any leader you tie it on to, but its fishiness outweighs its destruction to your leader. This is really the only pattern out there that really imitates what a salmonfly looks like on the water with its wings splayed out. Because fishing pressure can often increase during the hatch, it can be really important to have a fly such as the Flutter Bug that looks just as tasty as the real thing.

Eric Paulson out of Livingston Montana decided there was a need for a different kind of Stonefly. Typically, when you see a big stonefly fluttering across the water their wings are coming untucked as they struggle to make it to the bank. This fly is a hot mess of goodness for tricking trout into taking big stoneflies off the surface. This fly fishes great solo and works great to hold up big nymphs hung behind this dry. When other stonefly imitations are not getting it done, the Flutter Bug will surely seal the deal with its unique style.