Basic Trout Fly Selection

This fly selection has awesome flies that work just about anywhere, and it comes in a sly little AFS Logo Fly Box.ξ

Seleciton includes:

Mosquito Size 12 (2)ξ

Elk Hair Caddis Olive Size 16 (2)

Parachute Mahogany Size 16 (2)

Parachute Adams Purple Size 16 (2)

Light Cahill Size 18 (2)

Crystal RL Stimulator Orange Size 14(2)

Tungsten Zebra Midge Black Size 18 (2)

Beadhead Prince Nymph size 16 (2)

Morrish Dirty Bird Rust Size 18 (2)

Iron Sally Size 16 (2)

Beadhead Crystal Buggger Brown (2)

Sculpzilla Tan Size 8 (2)ξ


If we do not have the flies in stock to fill your selection, we will make the appropriate substitutions.

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