Fall Steelhead Sink Tip Wallet

Fall Steelhead season is our favorite time of year here in the Rogue valley. We have a few tips that we primarily use during this season.

RIO 10' Intermediate - This is a great tip for fishing smaller traditional flies in long runs, tailouts and shallower water. A good choice if the water temps rise to around 55-60 degrees.

RIO 12.5' T-8 - This is a tip you could fish in just about every run throughout the entire season. Just enough sink to get you in the game, not too heavy so you won't be scraping the bottom. Most rivers in the Fall are at the lowest flows they will be at all year, so you don't need a lot of weight by any means.

RIO 10' T-11 - If you come into a run that has a deep bucket or is a fair bit faster than most other runs, a good choice is this 10' T-11. It's still light enough to cast easily on most rods we fish, but heavy enough to get you down in the money in those deeper spots where fish lay.