Bajio Silicone Keepers

Lt Blue

Bajío’s Silicone Keepers are total keepers for so many reasons! Durable, lightweight, low profile and waterproof, these flexible 100% Silicone Keepers are designed to be worn full length or they can be adjusted for maximum comfort and versatility. In fact, the 16-inch length is so flexible it stretches to 32 inches. These keepers also offer non-conductive properties which means no neck burns on hot, sunny days. The universal rubber ends fit most framed glasses. And these keepers are available in four different colors: Pink, Gray, Black and Light Blue. 


  • Durable, lightweight, low profile, waterproof
  • Adjustable 100% Silicone
  • 16” length stretches to 32”
  • Available in Universal Silicone
  • Non-conductive material keeps cool
  • Offered in four colors