Baby Tarpon Standard Fly Selection

Selection Includes 2 Dozen Flies:
Puglisi Tarpon Streamer Black/Purple sz 2/0 (qty. 2)
Tequila Popper sz 1 (qty. 3)
Meglopsicle Black/Purple sz 1/0 (qty. 2)
Meglopsicle Tan/Orange sz 1/0 (qty. 3)
Meglopsicle Olive/Rust sz 1/0 (qty. 3)
TCL Special Natural sz 1/0 (qty. 4)
TCL Special Black sz 1/0 (qty. 2)
Haskins Deep Cover Shrimp (qty. 3)
Tarpon Toad Tan/Rust sz 1/0 (qty. 2)
If we do not have the flies in stock to fill your selection, we will make the appropriate substitutions.
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