Airflo Skagit Scout Head

  • The ultimate Micro Skagit head. These lines are perfect for compact two-hand & single-hand spey casting in places with minimal casting room.
  • Utilizing the best all-polyurethane construction and an improved, supple coating, the Skagit Scout heads open up water that is unfishable with other lines.
  • They allow trout, steelhead, and salmon Fishermen to use their single-hand and switch rods to cast any sink tip in their bag
  • Taper: Short Switch Skagit Taper
  • Lengths: 13.5 - 18.5 ft
  • Core: Power Core
  • Range: 150 - 540 gr
  • Coating:Ultra-Supple PolyFuse XT
  • Polyleader: Salmon/Steelhead & Trout