AFS Ostrich Intruder Kit

Kit includes:

  • 4 Aquaflies 27mm Return Eye Shanks
  • 4 Senyo 40mm Shanks
  • Senyo Trailing Wire
  • 8-Silver Brass Eyes 5/32'
  • 8-AquaTalon Swing Hooks (Size 2)
  • Ostrich Plumes (Black & Purple)
  • Flashabou (Blue, Purple, Copper)
  • Ultra Wire Silver
  • Guinea Feathers (Purple, Blue, Orange)
  • Arctic Fox (Black)
  • Ice Dub (Purple, Blue, Orange)
  • Veevus 50D Thread (Black)

If one or more of these items are out of stock in the shop we will make the appropriate substitution for your tying kit.

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