AFS Intruder Fly Tying Kit

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Intruder Fly Patterns:

Intruder Fly Tying Kit Includes:

  • 10 Senyo 40mm Intruder Shanks
  • Senyo Intruder Wire
  • 10 Black Nickel 3/16 Dazl Eyes
  • 5 Aquatalon Swing hook: Size 2
  • 5 Aquatalon Swing hook: Size 4
  • Schlappen (Black)
  • Ostrich (Purple)
  • Veevus power thread140 (Black)
  • Flat Tinsel (Pearl)
  • Krystal Flash (Pearl)
  • Ice Dub: (UV Black, UV Hot Pink, Chartreuse, Steelie Blue)
  • 3 Senyo Chromatic Brushes 1.5": (Blue, Pink, Black)
  • Marabou: (Blue, Pink, Black)

If one or more of these items are out of stock in the shop we will make the appropriate substitution for your tying kit.

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