Hareline Fly Tying Materials

Hareline Dubbin, Inc. manufactures and distributes some of the worlds finest fly tying materials available in today's market. Hareline products are sold through all major Fly Shops throughout the world.

The idea behind this site is to give the opportunity to the public to view our extensive product line and in turn contact their local dealer for the product.

We are only able to deal directly with licensed retailers, manufacturers and commercial tyers.

If you are a consumer and have any questions regarding our products please feel free to e-mail us and we will do our best to reply in a very timely fashion.

We must make it very clear that we cannot sell to the public and we ask that you support your local Hareline Dubbin Dealer.

Dazl Eyes

From $ 4.50 - $ 10.50

Extra Select Strung Marabou

$ 3.00

Hairline Plastic Beady Eyes

$ 5.00

Hareline Bead Chain Eyes

From $ 2.50 - $ 3.00

Hareline Florescent Bucktail Combo Pack

$ 5.00

Hareline Intruder Feather Prop Hackle

$ 5.95

Hareline Midge Flash

$ 3.95

Hareline Rhea Plume

$ 15.00

Hareline Strung Guinea Feather

$ 4.95

Krystal Flash

$ 4.95

Senyo Thin Intruder Trailer Hook Wire

$ 5.95


$ 5.95

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