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Late in 2010 I was given the opportunity to review one of the newer Fisknat Steelhead net models. At that time, I don’t think it had an official name, but now is known as the Grande Ronde. For the safe of this review, I will break my observations into categories to better help those researching the product produced by Bob and Shannan at Fisknat. In addition, please understand that I am not going to offer a lot of filler. You won’t read what it is made of and about its sleek clean lines because you can see all of this simply by visiting their website. I will say this about the net though… if you are looking for a piece of eye candy, or something that will look good on the water and in photos, Fisknat nets represent quality craftsmanship and beauty. With that said, please allow me to share with you my unbiased field test results of a made in America piece of fishing gear that can accompany you for many years wherever you may find yourself on the water.

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