Winston Nimbus Spey Rod

Line Option

This is among the most exciting rods that's been release in 2018.. Actually this is one of the most interesting rods introduced in the past couple years. Featuring a real moderate action, the new Nimbus is an absolute joy to cast.

In Spey casting, it's easy to forget that the rod is supposed to do all the work for you. I find myself tending to drive fast action rods quite a bit with both high line speed and bottom hand power. The Nimbus really removes the impulse for that because it does some much of the heavy lifting for you. The result is just effortless, and joyful casting - really what we're all looking for out there on the river!

For lines on this rod, there are a couple worth considering. For your sink tip work, my two favorites are the Rio Skagit Max 500 and the Rio Scandi Body 500gr. The choice between these two just depends on whether you'll be fishing big, heavy flies or not. The Scandi Body fishes well throughout the fall, where our flies aren't too big or heavy. But the Skagit Max is really the choice for winter.

For summertime on this rod, I'd either fish the Rio Scandi Short 450gr or the old school Rio Scandi 460gr. This rod is such a great choice for summer fishing in our area because it's not an overpowering seven weight. Making it ideal for both the Rogue and North Umpqua.

  • From Winston:
  • Lightweight, ultra-smooth
  • Moderate fast action
  • Versatile mid-tip flex taper
  • Multi Modulus Graphite
  • Big Sky Blue impact resistant finish
  • Superior graphite performance in a complete line-up of trout, salt and spey rods
  • Designed and produced in Twin Bridges, MT
  • ACTION: Moderate Fast
  • GUIDES: Chrome nanolite stripper guide/chrome plated snake guides on 6 thru 10wt.
  • REEL SEAT: Titanium anodized aluminum with Winston signature logo 
  • STORAGE: Grey powder-coated aluminum tube with Winston signature logo

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