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  • Simms Exstream Half Finger Glove

Simms Exstream Half Finger Glove

$ 49.95



Keep your fishing hands ecstatic and elastic, with the full-time performance of Simms’ Exstream™ Half Finger gloves. Powered by Polartec® Powershield Pro™, these water-resistant warmth generators block downstream gusts with aplomb, while allowing just the right amount of air circulation to wick moisture and enhance breathability. With fingers left free for knot tying and line management duties, sueded overlays bolster durability and deliver non-slip grip to key areas.

Winter Steelhead season can be hard on the hands. Having warm hands can make a world of difference in your overall casting and knot tying performance. Pick up any pair of SIMMS Exstream gloves, you'll be happy you did. 

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