Sage MOD Spey Rod


The MOD series is unlike any rod series Sage has ever done. They have built a moderate action rod like no other. Think of the MOD as a “modern, moderate action” rod, that loads deep and recovers (unloads) with a smooth, powerful snap as you deliver the forward cast. George Cook calls it the “Soulful Slingshot”. 

Where most moderate action rods have historically fallen short on power and performance, the Sage MOD series of Spey rods gets the highest marks in these categories. The MOD series features Sage’s proprietary Konnetic technology, which in laymen’s terms means more feel, less weight, stored energy, a straighter rod path, and ultimately, a rod that is an extremely pleasurable to cast. 

Available in a 13’ 7 weight and 13’ 6 weight, the MOD has you covered for your next steelhead journey.

Line Choices: 


Scandi- RIO Scandi Short 480, RIO Scandi 460

Skagit- RIO Skagit Max 500 or 525


Scandi- RIO Scandi Short 390, RIO Scandi 400

Skagit- RIO Skagit Max 425 or 450

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