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Klamath River

Current Conditions

Klamath River, CA (below Iron Gate Dam)
Klamath River, CA (near Seiad Valley)


The Klamath River is just over the Siskiyou pass from our Ashland headquarters. The Klamath has strong runs of steelhead and salmon, most famous for the half-pounder steelhead. While recent headlines highlight the struggles with water issues, dam removal, and politics, the fish certainly don’t know it. Designated a Wild and Scenic waterway, the Klamath is a beautiful and productive steelhead river in a remote setting.

The Upper and Middle Klamath are most accessible from Ashland. Half-pounder and adult steelhead start showing up in the middle river in September and October. The upper reaches begin to fish well in November and will produce quality fishing through the early winter months. On average, anglers can expect to see a few handfuls of half pounders and a few adults mixed in to a day’s catch.

Traditional swung fly techniques are very effective on the Klamath. With the use and popularity of Spey fishing, anglers can cover a lot of water and get lots of grabs. Nymphing is also very effective for those who prefer to fish from the boat. Regardless of method, the Klamath is a great steelhead river with lots of action from aggressive fish.

Additionally, the Klamath gets a Salmonfly hatch in the early summer. Like the Rogue, it peaks mid-May to mid-June. There are lots of willing trout in the Upper Klamath that provide a lot of dry fly action.

Klamath Overview
Salmonfly Hatch: Mid-May to Mid-June
Summer Steelhead: September-January
Winter Steelhead: January-April


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