Winston AIR TH Series - First Impressions

September 12, 2019 1 min read

12'0" 5wt

AIR TH 5wt: Anglers needing a crossover rod for trout and light steelhead should consider the 12’ 5weight Air TH. This rod is the perfect small summer steelhead rod with dry lines, lighter tips, and poly leaders. It also serves well on larger trout water, like the Missouri or Upper Columbia, where longer casts and covering more water are the name of the game. Tip recommendations: 10 feet of T8 – T10, 10’ poly leaders.  


13'3" 6wt

  AIR TH 6wt: Built in 3 different lengths including 11’6”, 12’6”, and the new 13’3” tapers, these 6 weights dial anglers into specific fishing applications. For tight spots and switch fishing, the 11’6” fits the bill. For all-around summer steelhead, the classic 12’6” adds versatility to both Skagit and dry line applications. Finally, the 13’3’ is the perfect winter steelhead rod, that can get smaller flies in the strike zone. Tip recommendations: 10 feet of T8 – T10, 10’ poly leaders.


13'3" 7wt

  AIR TH 7wt: Featured in two lengths, a 12’3” for shorter heads and bigger flies, and our classic 13’3” taper, that honestly, does just about everything well. Two different lengths gives anglers of different casting styles the ability to choose the model that fits them best. If one can only own one steelhead rod, these 7 weights will cover a wide range of applications. Tip recommendations: T8-14 10’-12’.


12'3" 7wt




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