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Upper Rogue Guided Trips

Posted on 16 May 2017


The trout fishing highlight of the Upper Rogue is without a doubt the famous Salmonfly hatch. The Salmonfly provides our local trout population a surge of protein that sustains them throughout the less fertile summer months. The largest member of the Stonefly family, the Salmonflies fill the sky in biblical proportion, flying aimlessly in low speed fashion, an aerial protein wagon disguised an aquatic insect, clumsily maneuvering in space until it completes its life cycle.

Fishing during the Salmonfly hatch on the Upper Rogue is a numbers game. Most likely, throughout the course of the day, you will lose count of how many times your big dry fly gets eaten. While it is possible to hook some larger rainbow or cutthroat trout, or even an early summer steelhead, the bulk of a day’s catch consists of small, hungry trout.

Our guide trips are done with a drift boat or raft, which allow you to cover lots of water, while hitting all the sweet spots. Setting the hook quickly and often will increase your catch rate, and certainly decrease the number of times your guide yells “SET!! SET!! SET!!”. Of all the Rogue trips we do, this is without a doubt the most productive, action packed experience of them all!

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