Time To Re-Boot? Our Top 4 Wading Boots

August 12, 2016 2 min read

Wading boots are an essential part of your fly-fishing gear. Wading boots literally keep you connected to the river. A well constructed, comfortable boot keeps your feet happy and allow you to focus on fishing. Good grip, fit, and feel give you confidence while wading.

Is it time to re-boot? Here are some of favorites.


Simms Freestone Boot 


The Freestone Boot has stood the test of time. It’s sturdy, has good ankle support, and can withstand a ton of abuse. It’s also in a price range that doesn’t break the bank. Minor improvements in construction have added to the overall comfort and lifespan of the Freestone. The Freestone boot accommodates various foot widths, especially wide ones.

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Simms G3 Guide Boot


The Guide Boot is at the top of the food chain. It has the DNA of a hiking boot with all the features that make it one of the most bomber wading boots on the market. If ankle support, durability, and comfort are your priorities, this is your boot. 

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Korkers Whitehorse Boot


Korkers has cornered the market on convertible wading boots. With each pair you get a rubber and felt sole. Aftermarket outsoles of various rubber, felt, and stud combinations add to the versatility of Korkers. The Whitehorse Boot features the Boa Lacing System, great for getting in and out of your boots quickly. The Whitehorse is a solid choice for the angler looking for ease of use, comfort, and convertability.

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Simms Vapor Boot


The Vapor Boot is a fairly stiff, yet lightweight wading boot. The Vapor boot loves rock hopping, class 5 wading, and chasing hot steelhead downstream. It’s a great combination of cushion, support, and lightweight performance. Heading to the North Umpqua or McCloud? This might be your next boot.

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Need more traction? 

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