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June 02, 2017 1 Comment


 As we approach the Salmonfly Hatch for 2018 on the Upper Rogue and in particular the Holy Water stretchwe want to remind you that the Creel Surveys that were begun last year are still very much in effect and that data collection is crucial to maintaining the health of this fishery. So please fill in the report cards that you see at the various locations around the Holy Water (pictured below). The info below is a re-run from last year just as a reminder but I will be providing an update on this activity as it goes on. Thank you! 


Holy Water Trout Stocking


It has been speculated that everything from high water events, to massacre by waterfowl are responsible for suppressed fish numbers in this fly fishing only section of the river. In response to regular questioning by local anglers as well as the Rogue Fly Fishers, ODF&W has responded with a trout tagging and angler survey operation that should give them the data they require to manage the fishery more effectively. In the last couple months more than 200 legal size trout have been planted with different color tags. And yes, they are very nice looking fish.

Trout Tag


This is the hard part - you need to go fishing! ODF&W really needs us to get out and fish and then record our catch data in the many survey boxes placed conveniently around this stretch of water. It only takes a minute and this info will make or break this project. Record the color of the tag, whether the tag has any markings on it and also if your fish had it's adipose fin removed. You will find all the info you need on the cards located within the survey boxes. IMPORTANT NOTE - if you fish below the Holy Water a fair amount and catch one of these tagged fish that is really important for ODF&W to know. You can call them directly (some tags have phone numbers!) or even call us at the shop with this info.

Stcking Survey


The Holy Water has long been one the few great options for trout fishing we have here in proximity to the Rogue Valley. It has gone through many cycles but like many western tailwaters has see the fishing decline over a long period of time primarily caused by siltation and loss of gravel & structure. Fish & Bugs use gravel to spawn, fish also like to hide among wood and large boulders. The Holy Water fishery is unsustainable without ODF&W stocking enhancement. It would be a very lean fishery without this. This survey will provide the necessary information for them to manage it most most effectively with our angling success in mind! So if you like catching fish at the Holy Water then yes! It will help!

Thank you and everyone involved appreciates your participation! Please call the shop or ODF&W if you have any questions.



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Rick Wilmoth
Rick Wilmoth

June 12, 2017

I would like to understand why just the Holy Water? I mainly fish the Lower Rogue where the Illinois River flows into the Rogue. I find it interesting that there are no resident trout populations in many parts of the river. When I have asked various local and state authorities about this they say they have trout, but they are Steelhead. Anything under 16" is considered a trout.
However, these are migratory fish that vacate the river to the ocean, therefore, leaving times of the year when they are not present. Meaning at those times there is no fishing. Why can’t trout be planted in these areas that don’t have resident trout to increase opportunities for more fishing? I would think Brown Trout would be a good fit given the river gets really hot in the summer.

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