New 3D MOW & Long MOW Tips From RIO

November 07, 2019 1 min read




RIO quietly released some very interesting additions to the MOW family of sink tips late Summer 2019 that the dedicated spey angler should take note of! 

The Long MOW 15' tips are configured exactly like the 10' versions... only longer! We anticipate these being great tips for winter fishing where a little more controlled sink is in order or on longer rods. They are configured as follows:

  • 15' Full Float
  • 10' Float / 5' Sink
  • 7.5' Float / 7.5' Sink
  • 5' Float / 10' Sink
  • 2.5' Float / 12.5' Sink

Next up are 3D MOW tips. These are the familiar 10' lengths and pick up where the Intermediate MOW tips leave off with 2 more levels of sink variation per tip. These tips will match perfectly with the new RIO Gamechanger multi density skagit heads and I believe they were designed with this in mind. They are configured as follows:

  • Intermediate/Sink 3/Sink 4
  • Sink 3/Sink 4/Sink 5
  • Sink 5/Sink 6/Sink 7

Both new tip families come in the Light (T-8), Medium (T-11) and Heavy (T-14) weights. Stay tuned for more detailed reviews of how these tips fish in future AFS media. We have brought in a limited number of sizes to begin but plan on expanding the range to carry most all of the offerings and are happy to special order anything you do not see here. Thank you!!


Click here for the 15' Long Mow Tips


Click here for the 3D Mow Tips



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