Klamathon Wildfire

July 06, 2018

We are thinking of those impacted by the Klamathon Fire and our hearts go out to those being evacuated! Here is the latest info we've found via Rogue Weather.

Klamathon Fire - burning near Hornbrook in Siskiyou County, and also in Jackson County in Oregon. 36,500 acres estimated, with an estimated 1,300 of those acres in Oregon, 55 percent containment total. A Cal Fire IMT with Todd Derum as the IC is in command. California has declared a State of Emergency for the fire and resources from throughout the state are on scene. The north end of the fire has crossed the California/Oregon state line. ODF and other Oregon agencies are taking on the fire in Oregon. The fire is burning a variety of fuel types. Everything from grass dominated areas to mature stands of thick timber. Good overnight humidity recovery last night allowed firefighters the to increase the containment level. Minimal fire activity was observed today with the same behavior anticipated tonight. Good humidity recovery overnight will help firefighters in containment efforts. Crews will continue to complete line on the east flank to mitigate the threat to Iron Gate Reservoir Estates. The Horseshoe Ranch Wildlife Area, Soda Mountain Wilderness and Cascade Siskiyou National Monument will remain threatened. The north and west flank will continue to have short range spotting in the timber stands when strong ridge top winds surface in the afternoons; this continues to threaten areas in Jackson County OR.

On going damage assessments have the total number of structures lost up to 82. Most of those happened in the city of Hornbrook, and then out at the R Ranch area. 

In California ALL Evacuation Orders and Warnings were dropped at 6 pm tonight. Repopulation of previously evacuated areas is underway.....inluding the city of Hornbrook.

In Oregon the areas along Old Highway 99 to the Mt. Ashland Access Road and the Colestin Valley in Oregon are now at Level 2 "Get Set. The Mt. Ashland Access Road and all of Old Highway 99 from The Mt. Ashland Access Road down to the Highway 66 junction is Level 1 "Be Ready". This includes Callahans. For the Highway 66 area east of the Old Highway 99 junction; There is a Level 3 "GO NOW!" evacuation order in effect for the south end of Copco Road in Jackson County. There is a Level 2 "Get Set" evacuation level that includes everything south of Highway 66 from the Old Highway 99 junction east of Ashland to the Klamath County line. Again, this does not get anywhere near the city of Ashland. And, this also does not include the developed recreational atreas around Emigrant Lake. Travelers on Highway 66 are urged to be careful of fire fighting vehicles of all sizes using Highway 66 to access the fire's northern end.

Current threatened areas in Oregon includes I 5, private timber lands and surrounding State and National Forests. The Soda Mountain Wilderness area and the Cascade Siskiyou Monument are also threatened. The Soda Mountain Lookout and communication sites will be a critical point of defense in Oregon. ODF did close all of the lands it protects southeast of Ashland due to the fire and also to help fire fighters in accessing the area.  I -5 is open both directions within the fire area. The threat to it is much lower now. Be advised that you are asked to not stop or leave the Interstate between Ashland and Yreka due to safety concerns.

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