Early Season Preview with Paul McDonald

April 18, 2019


Fly fishing Klamath Lake early in the season between Agency Lake and the Rocky point area can test your patience but the rewards can be spectacular. Cooler water temps this time of year tend to allow us to fish larger streamer patterns deep and slow with full sink and intermediate sink lines. With warmer temperatures just around the corner fish begin to break out of their winter lethargy and start looking for food in earnest. 


This shift generally coincides with the opening of the Wood River (last Saturday in April), another of my favorites to fish early season before the crowds and higher daytime temps of summer. 
The river runs slow and clear and it holds some very healthy resident brown trout as well as migratory Rainbows. I fish a dry-dropper set-up when walking upstream and carry another rod set up with a streamer for the walk back to the boat. Small PMDs and May fly patterns will be around most mornings. Even early season I won't hesitate to tie on some bigger terrestrial dries and hang some natural looking nymph patterns beneath.
I absolutely love guiding this area early in the season! It's a unique and beautiful area and the chance at a really spectacular fish is there with every cast. If you are waiting for your local river to drop into shape consider an early still water trip to  Klamath Lake or the Wood River! 
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