Fishing Report March 23rd, 2018

March 23, 2018 2 min read


Our guides have been finding some really nice Winter Steelhead on the Rogue, and in good numbers too. It would be worth focusing time from Gold Hill all the way on up to the Hatchery. This weekend the river is forecasted to jump up to about 3600cfs, which isn’t un-fishable.

If you have a few high water runs you like to fish it would be a great time to go fish them. There is a pretty good chance the water will be colored up this weekend, in that case, go up river above most tributaries until you find some clearer water. Good flies to swing would be Stu's Intruder, Mini Intruder, Stu's Metal Head, Deuce Wigalo, Pick Yer Pocket, and the Silveynator


There is about a week left to fish the Applegate as it closes on the 1st of April. Lots of folks are heading there in search of Winter Chrome. Bank access is fairly limited, your best bet would be to go up high. The flows are low right now,

but with the forecasted weather coming in it's likely going to bump up quite a bit. Still worth heading up there as it should still be at a good level to fish. It'd be worth fishing some smaller flies in the lower water. If you're fishing an unweighted fly it would be smart to throw on a heavy sink tip. That water is super cold and those fish won't want to move much, so in low clear water getting your fly in front of the fish's face with a smaller profile fly is key. Flies like the December Day, Bennett's Last Night, Mini Intruder, Hoh Bo Spey, and the Silveynator.



It's worth heading to the Holy Water, there have been reports of good BWO hatches as well as Midges in the afternoons and evenings. 

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