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Bug 'N Brew 2017 Wrap Up

Posted on 27 April 2017

Bug 'N Brew 2017 Wrap Up

Just like the winter steelhead season, Bug n Brew is now a wrap. We started out with AFS staffer Jon Hazlett, had Sir Charles St. Pierre bat second, Jay Nicholas was third in the line-up, and Jerry French batted clean-up.
Jon’s class featured his signature steelhead pattern the Dirk Wiggler, and a new twist on Hickman’s Fish Taco, the Seven Layer Burrito. Fun was had by all, and by the end of the class, AFS Fan Club President Scott Crosby soaked up 87 Keystone Lights.
Sir Charles St. Pierre spent some time with Jon behind the camera for an Interview. After that, he dazzled us during an informative Winter Steelhead Tactics Spey clinic. Students learned the “step and slide” technique for getting the fly down. Paired with the featured RIO IFlight, multi-density Skagit head, your fly will reach the deep lies that winter steelhead often hold in.

Charles St. Pierre | Bug 'N Brew 2017

Bug 'N Brew 2017 Wrap Up | Ashland Fly Shop

Jay Nicholas brought his “A game” as usual. Jay started the weekend with a book signing at the shop. If you haven’t seen any of his work, better check it out! Saturday morning was Interview time, which will be released at a later date. Jay’s tying class focused on Pro Tube steelhead flies, a system he has totally dialed. After the tying class, Jay gave a presentation on fishing the Oregon Coast, from steelhead, trout, salmon, rock fish, lingcod, and tuna. It was a great reminder of the incredible fishing opportunities in our region.
Jerry French was kind enough to sit in for an Interview prior to his tying class. Stay tuned, that will be released down the road. Jerry’s tying class featured the Dirty Hoh and Intruder, both signature patterns he has developed over the years. Both flies were tied with a composite loop system that Jerry has perfected over time. A two-handed class was the final act for Jerry, in which he showed off his Pieroway  rod/short head system and how it worked.
Overall, the 2017 Bug n Brew was fantastic! Thanks to all of our featured instructors who ventured to Southern Oregon to make this another MEGA event series, and of course to all who participated!

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