Breaking Down the Essential Mechanics of Spey with Jeff Putnam

October 10, 2018 2 Comments

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Bryan Wickins
Bryan Wickins

December 04, 2018

A 5 star video, let’s see more of you Jeff.
Thank you Bryan.

Ben Long
Ben Long

October 13, 2018

Jeff Putnam is awesome! He is such a great instructor and so easy to work with. He never gets upset no matter how many times you make the same mistake. I took 1 class with him and was on the water catching Steelhead ever since. I actually took a second class a year later to make sure I didn’t pick up any bad habits, which I did. It’s been several years since this time and I plan to take one more class with him to polish my cast a bit and pick up a couple more casts I do not know at this time.

Everything I learned from Jeff I use each time I am out. He doesn’t waste anytime and teaches you at your speed. The best thing I learned on my first class was how to cast both river right & left over both shoulders which helps keep the your fly from hitting you in the face when you have a strong wind coming up river or down river.

Anyway, Jeff Putnam is worth your time and money!

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