Choosing the Right Wader: A Simms Wader Review

October 22, 2015 1 Comment

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Jenn Gehr
Jenn Gehr

August 06, 2016

Thanks for this review. I didn’t know there was a import vs. a USA SIMMS quality wader. I’m looking for a high use wader to last for years to come. My current SIMMS waders must be a low line and at 4 years old, they served me well but all the seams are taped and the boot stocking is still leaking a bit mid calf. At the time, SIMMS I didn’t know if there was a women’s wader on the market and now there are several options to choose from. Are the SIMMS women’s waders a high end Gortex or are they too an import? I currently wear a men’s medium and I like the fit., especially when layering for winter Steelies! Thanks!!

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