• Umpqua Waddington Shank

Umpqua Waddington Shank

$ 10.30



Popularized in the British Isles for Atlantic Salmon as a way to construct big flies for use with small treble hooks, Waddington Shanks have found favor among Northwest Steelhead anglers as well.  In the Pacific Northwest fly fishers tend to shun treble hooks in favor of small singles.  Here the hook is rigged with a soft plastic hook holder very much like a tube fly except the leader is passed through the front loop of the Waddington, then along side of the fly and through the hook holder and secured to the hook.  When a fish strikes, the hook detaches itself from the fly denying the fish the leverage of the long shank Waddington to dislodge the hook.  The fly stays on the leader because it is still attached by the front loop. 

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