Shock Collar Leech

Olive / Orange
Olive / Copper
Black / Chartreuse
Originally designed as a larger, flashier, very visible leech imitation that I could fish in dirty water, deep water or low light on stillwater. The unique collar design and contrasting head color of the black & chartreuse and peacock & orange made it highly visible in those conditions. As the fly evolved, black & purple and peacock were added to cover all other conditions.

The fly is a very versatile leech imitation that excels when fished under an indicator in stillwater, but holds its own when dead drifted in moving water, fished as a dropper behind a larger streamer and even as a carp fly.

The combination of the movement of pine squirrel, the subtle flash of the simi seal dubbing, the unique collar design and contrasting head colors all combine to create a leech imitation that will produce in many different situations.