Sage SP+ 9' 8wt Single Hand Rod - Used

Originally produced in 1995, the SP+ was a revamped, powerful take on Sage's popular SP series of rods. This rod has an ultra fast action which has evolved over the years into the TCX, Method and Igniter series of rods. Fishing in serious wind or with large flies, or trying to pull on large fish are situations where this stiff, powerful blank will be beneficial. This rod would be a great steelheading rod throughout the West Coast. It will also travel down to the saltwater and perform well in the headwinds on the flats. This rod is 2pc which is worth noting if you plan on traveling with it. 

This rod in particular is in great shape! It doesn't appear to have been fished too much over the years, though there are some signs of wear to pay attention to. Mainly there are a few nicks and scuffs in the blank that can be seen in the images. These appear to be superficial and should not cause and loss of power or performance. 

Rod comes in original hard tube and rod sock from Sage. It does not include original warranty information. 

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