Rogue Spey School with Charles St. Pierre & Jon Hazlett

Rogue Spey School with Charles St. Pierre and Jon Hazlett


Join veteran Sage endorsed Spey instructors Charles St. Pierre and Jon Hazlett for 1 or 2 days on the Rogue River. Students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of popular Spey casts in both the “sustained anchor” and “touch and go” families.

Thursday’s class will focus on “sustained anchor” casting, and Friday’s class will progress to “touch and go” casts. The “sustained anchor” casts covered on Thursday will be the Double Spey, Snap-T, and Perry Poke. Friday’s “touch and go” day will entail learning the Switch Cast, Single Spey, and Snake Roll.

More advanced casters will have the chance to work on the finer points of casting the two-handed rod. Steelhead fishing techniques will be taught throughout the course of the day. Charles and Jon will be sure to work with all students one on one. Awesome shore lunch included.  Beginners welcome!

Sign up for either day, or both!


When: Thursday, Sept. 21 (Sustained Anchor) and Friday, Sept. 22 (Touch and Go)

Where: Rogue River

Cost: $275 person/day

Max 6 students/day. Shore lunch included.

What to bring: 5-7 wt. Spey Rods w/ Scandi and/or Skagit lines, flies, fishing license, waders, general steelhead gear

Sage rods and RIO lines available for anyone to use.

Participants are encouraged to stick around for The Ashland Fly Shop’s 3rd annual Rogue on the Fly Event, September 23 and 24.

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