Rio Scandi Short Shooting Head


This is our go to head here at the shop for light line fishing. Just over thirty feet, these heads are great for rods from 11.5' - 13' especially when fishing lighter tips or floating leaders.

If you've never cast a Scandi line before, this is a good introduction because the shorter length (compared to 35-50' heads) creates a punchier taper that really generates power.

With a rod around 12 feet, this head will cast just fine with a standard mono steelhead leader at 12 feet. If you're using a 12'6"-13'6" rod, just add three or four feet of Maxima to end of the leader for a total length near fifteen-seventeen feet. This will really help keep your anchor, especially if you're used to fishing a Skagit line and sink tip.

Lastly, these line do work well with lighter sink tips. The most applicable would be Rio's Medium Versileaders and they just cast like a dream. Your fly size will effect how these cast as well, so keep to size 3-7 traditionals either unweighted or lightly weighted. Casting Hoh Bos, Fish Tacos, OCDs and similarly unweighted shank flies are killer on these heads too.

It's also a really nice options for Trout Spey rods in the lighter weights, for fishing soft hackles and other emerger patterns up near the surface.