Regal Medallion Series Vise

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This vise comes with Regal's Regular Jaw which is their most versatile option for tying everything from a size 20 midge up to the traditional spey flies we are so fond of. With a sturdy, traditional bronze base, this Medallion Series not only looks the part, but it is rock solid. This vise has been a staple for professional fly tiers for decades and it can be for you too! 

From Regal, "Meet the Regal’s flagship series – the Medallion. This iconic and often imitated design is the pinnacle of vise technology. Open the jaws, insert your hook, and start tying. There is nothing to adjust, even when you switch from a tiny midge to a huge streamer hook. All Medallion Series vises revolve around a 360º axis and articulate 220º up and down. This series includes six different vise heads and works with all of our base options, for optimum customization."