Pieroway Renegade Switch Rod


The Pieroway Renegade series is an ultra efficient and high performance line-up of two handed and single hand rods that are the ideal length and weight for the purpose intended, utilizing the latest in carbon fiber technology and designed to be highly functional in close quarters fly fishing situations. Every detail from the rod tapers and actions to the handle styles are designed to minimize the learning curve and maximize fishing performance for new switch anglers and the experienced two-handed caster alike. Each rod is designed to match with an ultra compact Skagit or Scandi line, like the OPST Commando Heads, that can then be tailored to a wide tip window for maximum versatility with absolutely no guess work. 

The Pieroway Renegade is offered in line weights 3 through 9 and feature unique lengths and taper designs to enable a versatile rod that is easy loading yet quick recovering. This is a rod series for that angler that enjoys fly fishing in many different locations. Characterized by pewter colored blank, titanium guides with army green wraps, lightweight woven graphite reel seat and camouflaged rubberized cork handle with a removable bottom handle, this unique rod series gives the caster the option to use either handle style for easy two-handed casting or an awesome fighting butt. Simply remove the bottom handle to cast single hand Skagit or overhead without the bottom handle interfering with the running line. The Pieroway Renegade does it all with fluidity, precision and power.

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