Rogue Spey School with Jon Hazlett - 2022


Join Sage Elite Pro and Rogue Spey guide, Jon Hazlett, for a 3 day Spey school on the Rogue River! This in depth class is designed to make you a more proficient caster with both Skagit and Scandi style as well as a more competent and successful angler! Huck Mega! 

Day One:

  • Orientation and equipment assembly
  • Rigging and essential knots for spey
  • Explanation of Skagit and Scandi differences
  • Presentation on sustained anchor and touch & go casts
  • Detailed one on one casting , River right and left, moving downriver

Day Two:

  • Review of Day one casting advancements, more casting instruction
  • Orientation on Reading water, moving, mending, sink tip & fly choice
  • Moving downriver with a detailed look at what makes good spey fishing water
  • Fishing with confidence and covering water well

Day Three:

  • Putting it all together
  • More detailed one on one casting & fishing instruction
  • Emphasis on fishing

Meet Jon Hazlett and AFS’s Keith Liddy the morning of each day at the predetermined location on the Rogue as you load into the boats for the days instruction. Jon and Keith will ferry students downriver stopping at appropriate spey runs for instruction. Keith will prepare a homestyle shore lunch each day. Students are welcome to bring their own equipment or make use of Jon’s extensive collection of Sage rods/Reels and Rio lines.

  • Cost: $1250 per student
  • Dates & Time: August 3-5 , 17-19 , 8am – 3 ish
  • Class size: Limited to 4 students
  • Location: Rogue River , Medford area - exact location TBD
  • Equipment included if necessary