Bauer RVR Fly Reel


Fishes as stellar as it looks

Bauer has been in development on the RVR reels for more than two years. They started with a groundbreaking and beautifully modern design and quickly found out how challenging it is to machine a reel this complex. No one had never seen anything like it. The complexity and double anodized design of the RVR would prove too difficult to achieve on a conventional 3-Axis machine, so they sought out the newest 5-Axis machines available. The result speaks for itself.

4/5 Description and Specs

The line and backing capacity, drag and weight of this reel have been appropriately designed for the more sizeable trout, larger water, longer casts and more varied techniques associated with 4 and 5wt rods. Whether you’re fishing a floating line or a light sink tip, whether fishing dries or wets, this is the ideal reel.

- Diameter 3.54"

- 4.9 ounces

- Capacity - 50 yards of 20lb Dacron and a 5wt Line