AFS Staff Winter Steelhead Selections

Staff Member

Here at the shop, each staff member fishes a little bit differently. That's why we've decided to put together a few personalized selections from each member of our crew.

Here's we have to say about our selections!


Chris’ Fly Selection:

Everybody gets a little weird with their reasoning when choosing a fly... Or at least I do. I’ve caught more fish on flies that are predominantly black in color than anything else. It’s sad to say but I think it’s got to the point where I’m scared to fish flies with a lot of color. Go ahead, say I’m not adventurous, but I know fish like black flies. During the winter season though I do tend to get a little risque. Notice all my the flies in my selection are weighted, I very rarely fish an unweighted fly in the winter. I like to get down and dirty and put it right in that fish’s face. The black & blue Rhea Intruder is my go-to fly for those high/murky water days, as well as the black Pick Y’er Pocket. Next, the black Deuce Wiggalo is a great fly really in any situation. It has great movement, it’s an ideal size, and shit, it’s black. Last, I chose Stu’s Steelie Piglet. When I’m on my favorite coastal streams and it’s low and clear, there are a lot of deep holes where the fish love to hide. That’s when I want something a bit smaller and heavy to get down to where the fish are hiding and with the tungsten conehead you know the Piglet can get down. Also, Low and clear conditions mean I’m typically fishing a smaller fly. There you have it!



Marcus’ Fly Selection:

Because water levels fluctuate so much during the winter, I really want a selection of flies that have varied weights and profiles. Right off the bat, Senyo’s OCD and Artificial Intelligence are go to patterns when I think fish will be holding on the softer edges and inside seams. The Artificial Intelligence is tied almost exclusively with flash giving it a real lifelike movement in the water. The Dirk Wiggler is another go to pattern when I want get down and deep – the flex floss legs in the fly give it great movement also. Last by definitely not least is Hartwick’s Flashtail Tube Fly in Orange. When I’m fishing bright winter days, especially when the water is colored up, Orange is my absolute confidence color!  A note on size of flies as well: I generally fish very large flies in the winter. I really believe that unless the water is exceptionally low and clear, fish are much more responsive to large flies that have broad profiles and a lot of movement. But what do I know?


If we do not have the flies in stock to fill your selection, we will make the appropriate substitutions.