Spey Class with Dax Messett and Leslie Ajari

Join Leslie Ajari and Dax Messett for a fun day of getting aquatinted with all the aspects of the art of Spey Casing and and fishing with a two handed rod.
Leslie and Dax are regarded as some of finest Spey casting instructors in the industry. Dax is a Sage Elite Pro with 18 years of instruction experience. Dax guides for steelhead throughout the entire Pacific Northwest and hosts trips to British Columbia. Leslie is one of the most experienced female guides in the industry, having worked the prime steelhead rivers in Oregon, Washington, and her home state of California. The couple has recently made Medford Oregon their home base, where Leslie heads up the women’s program for Ashland Fly Shop.
The Complete Spey Angler

-Understanding lines and balancing a rod and line set up: Learn the differences between Scandi and Skagit lines, how, when, and why to use them
- Understanding floating line vs. sink tip fly presentations: how when and why
-sustained anchor vs touch and go casts, how, when, and why
-intro to perry poke with Skagit lines
-Advanced pokes and other fun casts
-Opportunity to demo Sage and Rio line combos, or get you rig dialed in with the perfect line/rod setup
8 clients 
“The couple that Speys together stays together” special price:
Couples $200
Singles $125


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