Bug 'N Brew

Bug 'N Brew - 2023

 Thursday Feb 23rd - Traditional Steelhead Flies          Thursday March 9th - Steelhead Shank Flies
Thursday March 23rd - Traditional           Thursday March 6 - Nymphs  


Join us at AFS Headquarters every other Thursday from 4 -7pm through the first week of April for a return to our popular FREE Bug N Brew Fly Tying series! These tying nights will have a general "theme" we will build upon but you are encouraged to be creative and explore your own patterns! Your host, KC will be available to offer tips and strategies so your fly turns out how you envision it. Expect a loose and fun class with lots of laughs where questions and curiosity are encouraged! 

*Bring your Tying Vise, Tools, Threads and a handful of materials relevant to our theme and we'll guide you on your way. There will be plenty of class tying material samples to explore and a 15% discount on shop materials if you need any essentials. If you have a favorite bevy we'll have space in the cooler for ya'!  And if you show up empty rest assured we'll have at least six on ice! Hope to see you there!