Morrish Dirty Bird

Hare's Ear

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Ken Morrish's Dirty Bird nymph is the Leatherman of the fly world. This fly will catch anything that swims. Fashioned after the original Birds Nest, this fly is arguably an improvement. Subtle flash and a beadhead to get it in the strike zone.

"The Dirty Bird was the first fly I ever designed as a royalty tier. What is funny is that it remains my #1 nymph today. It is the fly I tie on when I don't want to think about tying a fly that works on most rivers, on most days and in most situations. It is true generalist pattern...the woolly bugger of the nymph world.

I have caught all types of trout on it throughout the Pacific Northwest, the Rockies, Argentina and New Zealand. I have caught big BC steelhead swinging it and lots of local steelhead on both a swung fly and dead drifted presentation. I have also caught some really large bonefish on it in places like French Polynesia.

I fish it as a dropper, under an indicator, as soft hackle and as a traditional steelhead swing pattern. It is also a go-to still water pattern for me, especially in green." -Ken Morrish