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The Sage X is the most complete single line of spey rods currently in the industry. Whether you're playing the small game with a dry line on the Rogue or Klamath, or you're traveling to BC this fall/spring, there's a Sage X for you. A couple personal favorites of ours are the 5120, 6120, 7120, 7130 and 8130. These make up the core rods that see the most action on our home waters. And if you're looking for a powerful rod that still delivers tremendous feel into the cork, these are not to be overlooked.

Feel free to call or reach out online if you have any questions about a specific model. We know these rods well, use them every chance we get, and can't speak highly enough of them!

From Sage:

The new Two-Handed X rods let you experience the remarkable benefits of KonneticHD Technology through access to the more powerful lower sections of the rod, allowing for easier and more efficient load carry through the casting stroke. The shaft's significantly enhanced recovery and crisper tip stop optimize line speed to deliver long, smooth casts. The decreased vertical movement and vibrations in the blank result in a more accurate and efficient presentation.

-KonneticHD Technology

-Black Spruce blank color

-Dark Green thread wraps with Metallic Grey trim wraps

-Fuji ceramic stripper guides

-Hard chromed snake guides and tip top

-Stealth Black anodized aluminum reel seat, down locking on Spey models

-Laser etched line weight on slide band

-Super Plus fore grip and rear grip

-Black rod sock with Titanium logo and black spruce model tag

-Evergreen powder coated aluminum rod tube with SAGE medallion

-Handcrafted on Bainbridge Island, USA

After having a chance to cast virtually the entire series of the Sage X Spey rods, I have to say that I am in awe of how incredible these rods turned out across the board. One observation is how consistant the action of the series are. The 8130 X casts just like the 7130, with of course more horsepower.

Grain windows on these rods impressive. For example, I started out fishing a RIO Skagit Max 500 on the 7120. I fished it a few days and was convinced it was the best line. Then I tried the 525. Like many 7 weight Spey rods, the 525 seemed to be the sweet spot of line speed and load. Recently I put a 550 on it. I would have swore it would have been too heavy. The X didn't flinch. The point is, without getting too technical, is that this 50 grain window of Skagit lines is legitimate. I have tried this with various rods over the years and often there's a middle weight line that feels dead. The light one feels good and the heavy one feels good, but the middle one doesn't. That's not the case here, and speaks heavily to the design, materials, and taper of the X series.ξ

The Sage X rods are as light and lively as they come. One of the first things I noticed was how much feedback and feel translated from the rod to my hands. Yes, the X rods are fast. And, yes, they are powerful. But, they load deep and recover with a lot of speed, energy, and accuracy. All of these elements enhance your casting ability, your fishing experience, and certainly elevate the fun factor!

-Jon Hazlett


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