Rio Steelhead/Salmon Tapered Leader

Leader Size
Leader Length

Rio's Steelhead/Salmon monofilament tapered leaders are ideal for the spey angler. We typically use these leaders early season here on the Rogue and Klamath or anywhere where you have suitable water conditions with aggressive fish willing to move for flies.

For a standard spey rod in between 12-13'6" you will will want the 12 foot leaders. We will often add three feet of Maxima on the end of these as well, to get to a total length of 15 feet.

- For the Rogue and Klamath, the 8lb and 10lb leaders will do just fine

- For the North Umpqua you will want at least the 10lb, maybe even the 12lb

- For anglers traveling to the fabled waters of British Columbia or anywhere that truly large steelhead are found, go for the 16 and 20lb variety

These also make great dry fly leaders for trout spey rods or large wind resistant flies. The 12ft 8lb is our most common for the trout speys and the 9ft will work will with any single hand rod.